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Testimonials- See what folks are saying about Rick Godley

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My name is Haley Perot and I am the Main Street Director/Community Coordinator for the City of Ruston. Our Main Street Community and Cultural District are thriving and embarking on new opportunities at the turn of every corner. Rick Godley has played a major role in the success of these exciting changes. He is an invaluable resource and city supporter. As our Main Street strives to connect with the city, Rick's efforts through the waves of the radio are vital. Kelly Hogan, owner of The Fashion, as well as a veteran of Main Street, along with the City, desire to further bridge the gap between city, university and downtown on Louisiana Tech Game Days. Kelly approached Main Street with the concept of what better way to reach the community than through radio? Rick was undoubtedly the first person
who came to mind! Once Rick was contacted, he immediately and eagerly was on board. We are developing a package for downtown stores to open at 9:00 am, as opposed to 10:00 am, on Game Day Saturday; with the stipulation they have Rick's radio show playing live in their stores. The buyers will be able to call and request songs, and the participating stores will be mentioned throughout the show. The
downtown merchants are thrilled with the idea and the response had been incredible. Out hope is that this one idea is a catalyst to growing radio in our community. Potentially, we would love for Rick to actually be able broadcast his show from downtown in Railroad Park to allow the show to be interactive on these Game Day Saturdays. Our purpose for writing this letter is to convey not only what an asset Rick has been to the growth of our downtown, but to his radio station as well. We also wanted to personally thank you for your support and willingness to all the City to utilize your radio station as a resource in outreaching to the community with our message. Ruston is moving in an exciting direction and with the help of businesses like yours, the opportunities are limitless. Thank You,
Haley Perot
Ruston Main Street Director/Community coordinator 2015-2017

Rick Godley wrote and helped me produce the most effective and successful radio commercials I have ever done. Dupuy's Do's and Don'ts have created the best message for Dupuy Flooring that I have many people email me for a copy of the commercial for its positive message. Give Rick a call and listen to his
creative ideas about your business/organization. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

Stanley Dupuy

J.E. Dupuy Flooring and Acoustical

108 Melvyn Drive Monroe, La. (318) 343-1737
Stanley Dupuy,
The Main Man

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Thank you for your commitment to helping the Louisiana Special Olympics. By using your public platform to advocate for such a worthy cause, you exemplify what everyone is talking about when they refer to that Southern class that is indigenous to Louisianans. Please continue to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves!
Billy Nungesser
Lieutenant Governor, State of Louisiana

As Sheriff of Lincoln Parish since 2004, I have had the pleasure of working with Rick on many community events, including public awareness campaigns, fund raising events for various non-profit organizations and general news and personal interests broadcasts. Without a doubt, Rick is the best and most popular radio host in Louisiana. Rick has provided excellent coverage and has always coordinated all events with professionalism and enthusiasm. On a personal level, I have always found Rick to be very invested in our community. This is Rick's home and he takes great pride in promoting everything about North Louisiana, including our two universities, both on-air and in person.
Mike Stone,
Sheriff Lincoln Parish 2004-2020

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As the Main Street Director/Community Coordinator for the City of Ruston, I have the privilege of interacting with Rick on a regular basis and serving on the Ruston Cultural District Board alongside him.
Rick is a visionary who brings endless creativity and strategic ideas to the table in every situation. His community-focused approach and diverse skillset make him uniquely qualified for a leadership position.
Additionally, his extensive knowledge of advertising strategies and radio expertise make him and excellent resource for area marketers. Our Downtown Main Street and Cultural District has become a vibrant destination for commerce, culture and entertainment. Rick Godley has played a major role in the success of these exciting changes. He is an invaluable resource for our community and dedicated advocate for progress and positive change in Ruston.
Tori Davis,
Main Street Director/Communicator City of Ruston

Rick has been a huge supporter for the City of Ruston and our local community. Rick took over the Mondays with the Mayor radio feature early in my first term of office, and it has been one of the best sources of communications for the City. Rick is always thinking ahead doing research to see what is coming up, and often asks us about the information before we can even relay it to him. He is proactive, informative, and a huge asset to the City of Ruston. Rick is the go to person for our community to get a
message out on the airwaves! He is not only going to get that message out effectively, but he participates in so many of the events and groups he believes in. He was one of our volunteers during the Dixie World Series, a member of the Cultural District Board, vital to our Arts community, he also helped shape our Honoring Our Heroes Celebration Veterans Day program since its inception. His creative talents to write and produce that Public Service Announcement has brought tremendous feedback. He is
always looking for ways to promote the good things going on in the City of Ruston.
Ronny Walker,
Mayor, City of Ruston

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Thank you so much for your extraordinary promotion on our event at the Shepis Museum. Local talent like you are what makes the Arts & Culture of Louisiana so vibrant! Again, thank you! Sincerely,
Kristopher Kelley,
Shepis Museum, Curator

With local radio impacting and serving our local communities and campuses and with his past experiences in providing his services as true radio specialist, Rick Godley is well qualified to help local
business and non-profits.
Chris Turner,
State Representative, District 12

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The Ruston Lincoln Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau values the work Rick does and his commitment to our community and making sure that as many people as possible know our story. In our line of business, storytelling is a vital need to reach the hearts and minds of decision makers. Rick is a master storyteller and has a tremendous outlet to share his and our stories with so many others. Part of our mission at the CVB is to promote community connection. Rick has complemented our efforts
through his unwavering commitment to knowing as much as possible about what’s going on in Ruston and sharing it with the masses. He truly is tuned into the pulse of Ruston and Lincoln Parish as well as the greater State of Louisiana. I have worked with and served with Rick in many different capacities from Boards to Volunteering to being a guest on his morning show. He is never without an idea that brings the group out of the box and reminds everyone that the glass is half-full, while remaining realistic to the world that is going on around us. His creative, and sometimes unorthodox methods, have been embraced by the community and the community is better for it. On behalf of the Ruston Lincoln Parish
Convention & Visitors Bureau. He embodies the values of our community and pushes it in a better direction every day.
Travis Napper,
Former President/CEO Ruston-Lincoln CVB

I have known Rick for several years and have interacted with him on many occasions and many settings. Rick has been a most positive addition to the Ruston Community. He has been a consistently positive voice for our community and for Louisiana Tech University. Rick is always finding creative ways to promote our community and is regularly found in remote locations where events are occurring that need to be shared with others in our community. I greatly appreciate the things that Rick has done to tell Louisiana Tech University’s story. He has a deep knowledge of our institution and recognizes the important role that Tech plays for our community. He frequently promotes our faculty and staff as well events that are on campus that would be of interest to others. His personal and genuine approach really
helps people understand and connect. I am most grateful that Rick uses his talents and his position to enhance our campus and community. I am pleased to be a friend of his and offer him my full support.
Dr. Les Guice,
President of Louisiana Tech University

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On behalf of the committee for the 1st Annual Nada Houston Back-To-School Health Extravaganza, we thank you for your generous contribution to the success of our event! Please be assured that you played an important part in educating and supporting our community! We look forward to another beautiful partnership next year! Thank you,
LaToya S. Houston,

Rick is very much professional, talented, and engaging; however, I believe my testimony would be more impactful if I were to tell you the story of how Rick's passion for radio and people turned me into the faithful listener I am today. As time would pass, I would continue my monthly radio spots with Rick, and I would find myself in awe of his ability to always (and I mean always) know what was happening in-or­ around Ruston. Eventually, I realized that Rick's knowledge came from his relationships; he was (and still is) so genuinely invested in people that he would make it his sole purpose to promote them on air in a manner that can only be described as story-telling. Rick is the ultimate story­ teller, and when he gets
going, people listen. An old saying comes to mind people follow people. Well, people follow Rick Godley. He is the sole reason why I listen to the radio each and every morning, and I would argue that
other listeners feel the same way. His passion for his job is unrivaled. Without a doubt, Rick's resume is one that will stand out from the pack, and hopefully, my words will help you further realize just how valuable he is to your organization and to our community.
Marisol O'Neal
Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Chairman 2020

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