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With a crystal voice, infinite vocabulary, and engaging personality, Rick Godley was built for the airwaves, although he took a few detours along the way.

Born in Bronxville, NY on Memorial Day in 1955 and reared in New Jersey, Rick was educated in the Catholic school system where he received a degree in history. Odd jobs growing up included a stint as a paper boy, executive mail boy for Nabisco that required commuting on trains and subway in NYC and pumping gas during the first ‘oil embargo’. He later worked as a lathe operator in a shop that made Industrial Thermocouples, and as assistant comptroller for Lady Manhattan Industries.

However, he always had a love of music and radio and dreamed of growing up and moving to the city to pursue that dream. He was often told that ‘with that voice’ he should be in radio.

Life was smiling on Rick in Ruston as he soon met his wife of 32 years , Cathy. A family man with three daughters, he began a ‘sojourn up and down the radio dial with other stations in Monroe’. Over the years, he has spent some time at every station in every capacity – on-air personality, award winning copywriter, production, sales manager, general manager, promotions, etc.

Rick has been the morning personality @ The Peach in Ruston (Rick’s Radio Roux, Monday-Friday, 6:00 – 10:00) where he taps into his years of experience to entertain listeners and create local radio content worth tuning into.  He invites community members – business, non-profits, and neighbors, one and all – to come in and take over his show to share their music, message, and life/business stories. When he’s not ‘spinning’ Retro Radio tunes, he’s doing play-by-play broadcasting for West Monroe High School baseball, another passion, or DJ’ing parties, events, and weddings.

As this area’s only Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (designated by Radio Advertising Bureau in 1993), Rick offers his experience and knowledge to develop ideas, assist with planning and producing audio as well as ad placement.


Community involvement includes stints with Ruston Community Theater, NCLAC, Med Camps, Ruston Farmer’s Market and volunteering DJ services for community events. Rick is also a multiple winner of the coveted ‘Rustony’ for his commitment. He was recently honored with a state award for radio and volunteerism from the Louisiana Special Olympics. CASA had previously recognized him statewide for radio. “All this is nice,” he says, “but the causes are greater than awards.”

Always creative with radio content, Rick partnered with Louisiana Road Trips Magazine to bring a voice to the print and online publication. “I loved what I saw when the magazine first came out – celebrating all the good things about Louisiana. I knew it would translate to radio with the plethora of content and music as they complement each other.” He, along with LRT founder and editor Mona Hayden, drafted a plan for the new Saturday morning radio show and now have over six months of prime interviews with festival planners, tourism professionals, B&B owners, and a whole lot more to share. 

“To me, print is the body and sound is the soul,” Rick explains. “When one can hear the heart of the writer, they will want to read more, becoming more engaged and involved. Radio can do just that, connect people in a personal way that modern social media lacks.” And best of all, it’s local.

Somehow, Rick manages to squeeze in time for cycling and teaching spin classes, studying Truth, entomology, Gematria with occasional appearances as Captain Clean-Up, a well-known International Grime-Fighter.

“I’m doing exactly what I love now.”

Contact Rick at 318-243-4681 or for creative marketing and advertising strategies for local businesses and non-profits. Re-Think Local Radio…it still works delivering local customers!

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