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Local personality Rick Godley is seen with his “pop up radio” show in Grown & Grazed Food Truck lot.

Just like The Doobie Brothers sang 45 years ago, Rick Godley is “Takin’ It to the Streets.”

In the traditional radio business since 1987, Godley decided it was time to bring the music to the people while highlighting “all things local.” Welcome to his world of “pop up radio.”

“Ministry and mission work begin at home,” Godley explains. “You bloom where you’re planted. So I want to adopt an “ATL” mindset and affect “All Things Local.” That includes Lincoln, Louisiana Tech, and Louisiana. The goal is to do the most good effectively, efficiently, and expediently. A radio G-Force for good.”

That force can now be found popping up throughout the community. You may be in a restaurant enjoying your meal when Godley shows up. You may be walking down the sidewalk and he suddenly appears in a storefront. Or you may be driving down the street and spot him in an open space, heralding all that’s glorious about the place we call home. For Godley, who was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey, it is especially meaningful.

“I loved Ruston and Lincoln Parish from the get go,” Godley shares. “I did move to Dallas in 1985, thought I would change careers and move up in the world. I hated the move. I missed Ruston. I always felt a vibe and accepting way of life ever since I got here. It always felt right to be here.”

When asked about the change to the new way of delivering music and information, Godley points out that by combining the power of music and relevant content with social media platforms, he feels he can accomplish more for whatever entity is being represented.

According to, “pop up radio” offers unique branded content and experiences for one-off special events to really grab people's attentions. With so much content available today, it can be difficult to cut through without having strong messaging. This is where "pop up radio" can help out. adds that “pop up radio” can be whatever you want it to be. Some sell advertising space for the duration of an event while some get those attending a special event a taste of what’s still to come. Others forms are podcasts that simply organize a live chat to share the benefits of your product. In other words, it’s whatever you need it to be.

“I’ve begun the “Locals Help Locals First” campaign, just to be intentional about local behavior,” Godley continues. “I believe we need to make every effort to be intentional and think, act and shop local. My goal is to be a source/resource of local information that will be a stimulus for local involvement. And I am open to interviewing anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Godley recognizes with the changes in technology, he is in a perpetual state of learning about video production, computer programming, social media marketing, and metrics marketing. However, he’s found the response to his efforts as overwhelmingly positive.

“This year has been one big learning curve after another,” Godley states. “It truly is a process. An educational process for me personally as well as the community sector. But doing what I’m doing, where I’m doing it and the way I’m doing it, so many have said “this is so cool” because it’s not being done anywhere. That makes Rix-Mix Community Radio fresh and positive.”

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker states Godley has been an essential part of getting the good news out about what’s going on in the City of Ruston, sharing how his involvement has allowed the messaging to be so effective.

“Rick isn’t just going to get the word out,” Walker notes. “He also participates and volunteers in the events and groups he believes in. He is always looking for ways to promote the good things going on in Ruston.”

By Cathi Cox-Boniol

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